Anonymous lacquer

I am truly blessed to call two indie makers my friend. One I blame for getting me addicted, PolishTBH, the other is feeding my addiction locally, Mildred at Anonymous Lacquer. I met Mildred at a meet up earlier this year and just hit it off. When she told me she was starting her own indie line I was soo excited. I was able to snag a few of her new fall ’14 line at our most recent meet up and I’m blown away by her creativity. I’m highlighting Rainbows After Dark and Halloween Barbie in this post.



The formula was spot on. Not too thick not too thin. Rainbows after dark was three thin layers, but two could have worked. Halloween Barbie was one coat and placement wasn’t needed it was so glitter saturated. Definitely two must haves for the fall. These won’t be released until October for sale but she has many other can’t miss polishes in stock now. Check her out on Instagram at @anonymouslacquer and her website.

Flash Your Tips

I originally signed up for the A Box Indied monthly subscription box in November when it first came out. Every month has had a stand out in my eyes. March’s stand out was Girly Bits’ Flash Your Tips!!!! It is gorgeous inside and breath taking outside. Enough with that let’s get to the pictures that say more than I ever could.





Finger Fizzies

I am a Lush addict! Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath with a fizzy bath bomb?! Well with that in mind how could I pass up Cinema Swatch Lacquer’s Finger Fizzies? I couldn’t. Well I ordered two, one for me and one for a swap. I ordered myself Lux Lavender for $5.00. When I ordered I was a little concerned that I just paid $5.00 for one finger bath…. Ugh yes I’m addicted. So when it arrived (all intact none crushed despite how careless USPS is) I was thrilled to see that three came in a box! The box is a cute plastic box with decorative shred on the bottom. Each fizz is individually wrapped in plastic.

The fizzes are very relaxing. The lavender actually has dried lavender inside that comes out as the fizz dissolves. The fizzing lasts fairly long (sorry I didn’t time it), longer than I expected for such a small item. Once all the fizz ends, you have lavender floating, glitter and oil floating on top. I tried leaving the bath in a bowl for 5 hours and then reheating the water. It needed to be stirred up but still felt great and very moisturizing, minus the fizz.

Before using Fizzy Fingers



Fun and work friendly!!

I subscribed to Llarowe’s A Box Indied right from the start. In my opinion there has been some hits and some misses. Different Dimension’s aMAIZEing is definitely a HIT!!! It’s a gorgeous holo, something sorely missing in my Different Dimensions stash. It’s a beautiful tanish nude. With a scattered holo that is nothing short of a distraction! This is three coats but is beautiful with two coats (vnl with two coats). Also gorgeous matte if you are a matte lover!




Bestie Twin Nails

MillnPolish from Instagram did Bestie Twin Nails with me! This was my first time doing it. I had soo much fun we used Cupcake Polish’s Chicago and then ran with the theme and did mini Willis (formerly Sears) Tower and then a fun chain! If you haven’t taken the time to A.) do Bestie Twin Nails you should! and B.) haven’t followed the awesomely  artistic MillnPolish you should! C.) haven’t purchased from Cupcake Polish, what are you waiting for!!!! This polish is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s just beyond words the holo is the best I have ever had the pleasure to wear!

Bestie Twin Nails


Wow My Indie WishList is Crazy

I am participating in  the  #bitchesloveindies swap in Instagram and my Birthday is coming up March 30th!!!! So I’ve been updating my wish list and compiling a complete list of all my indies that I own.  WOW! I can’t believe how many awesome polishes I own and how many I still need! Yes need, some of these brands I haven’t even gotten to try and that’s just not acceptable lol. The problem is, I know I’m missing some brands that I need to try but I just don’t know which.

Comment with you favorite little known Indie brands!

A England
Sleeping Palace
Colors by Llarowe
Beat It
Paper Moon
Orchids are Better than Roses Anyday
Army of One
Dirty Diana
Dance legends
Thermo Trio 1
Thermo Trio 3
Doctor Lacquer
Royal Luxury
True Compassion
Heaven Must be Missing an Angel
So Three Thousand and Eight
Like a Sleepy Blue Ocean
Gas, gas, gas
Emily De Molly
On the Edge
Chasing Rainbows
Moment of Impact
Living after Midnight
Ethereal lacquer
Thigh Highs
Gamer girl
Femme fatale
Bunny Puke
Girly Bits
Belly Jeans
Get Weaponized
Giggity Giggity Goo
Auld Langs Wyne
Well Isnt’ that Special
Lack of Pies
Go Shake a Shower
Glam polish
Beauty School Dropout
Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee
Beyond Belief
High Priestess
Indigo Sparkle
Juggling Jupiter
Nickle Nackle
Glisten & Glow
HK Girl Fast Drying + Super Shiny Top Coat
Indigo Bananas
Jindie Nails
Wifey Material
Lacquer lust
From Dusk till Dawn
Liquid Sky Lacquer
Twilight Hummingbird
Bee Mine
Blue Hawaiian
Twilight Plumage
Bird of Paradise
Literary Lacquer
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
If It Pleases You Holographic
Strawberry Ice Cream Soma
84, Charing Cross Road
Live life polished
Blue Lagoon
Purple Rain
Love and Angeline Polish
If you Want the Rainbow
Oh So Kissable
Trapped Doves
Quick Change
Man glaze
Fatty’s Got More Blood
Northern Star Polish
Janus Rising
Picture Polish
Fairy floss
Pipe dreams
Pink Elephants and Lemonade
Polish Me Silly
Sizzling Sunset
Guilty Pleasure
Toe-tally Cosmic
Steel My Heart
Grape Intentions
Love the Hue
Cosmic Kisses
Waz Up Girl
Alter Ego
Chill Out
Show Off
Mind Blowing
Love Struck
Pretty Jelly
Plum In Love
Grape Escape
Stardust Polish
Black Hole
Too Fancy Lacquer
Blue Willow
Orchid of 2014
Love Diamonds
A Currant Affair
Champagne Cocktail